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Visit to Ham
On Monday, 6th December, Catherine, along with two other people, visited St. Joseph's, Ham. This was for the end of term concert put on by the Acappella Choir which is run by Delia Rosenbloom.

Because of the bad weather, the choir was only half strength. However, there were about thirty female singers and one lone male! Everyone wore something either red or purple which looked very effective.

The choir sang a number of songs from a variety of traditions which they had learnt by ear and by heart. There was even a song that was a Taizé / African fusion. It was interesting that people moved around between songs so that for one they might be singing tenor and in another, alto.

After they had finished, the chairs were moved back and the audience joined the choir in a large circle of maybe 80 people. Delia then taught us a song in four part harmony. A quarter of the circle each sang one part and people could move so that they would be singing the part they liked.

Once we were all singing, we joined hands and walked in a spiral to the centre and then back out. This meant that everyone heard and saw everyone else. I actually found the whole experience very moving.

Apparently, there would normally be more singing but Delia lives in Sussex and had to dash away because of the weather. However, there was plenty to eat and drink afterwards and I got a chance to chat to the sole male choir member. He informed me that there are usually a few more men and another chap had turned up to take part but had chickened out at the last minute.

Verdict: A very interesting and enjoyable evening and well worth the trek to get there. I certainly intend to visit St Joseph's church again.

Holy Innocent's Community Choir to be on the telly
Well, 'telly' is possibly a slight exaggeration! Let me explain.
On Wednesday, 8th December, was the last singing before Christmas. There was a very good turn-out and thirteen people attended. There were many regulars, and it was very nice to see few people who have been unable to attend for some time. There were even one or two newbies. Many people brought seasonal nibbles or drink.

There was also a film crew from the online TV station, Croydon Tv. They filmed the warm-up exercises and the singing. They also interviewed Catherine and a couple of other people.

Personally, I thought that we sang particularly well. I think the camera inspired everyone to sing even better than usual. I very much look forward to seeing the results when Croydon Tv put them online. When they are, you can be sure that I will let you know and link to the programme from here!

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