Ouija Board Dangers

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I had no plan to write a page on Ouija board dangers. However, when I mention to people that I am interested in ghosts, phantoms, spectres and the like, I am often asked, 'Do you use a Ouija board?". When I ask why they think that I might do so, I discover that it is as a result of them watching a particular, 'ghost hunting' series on television.
In my opinion, ghost hunting has absolutely nothing to do with séances, 'table tipping', automatic writing or particularly with the Ouija boards. All such methods of communication are dangerous, but particularly so is the Ouija Board. You will not be contacting the 'ghost' but something else entirely different.
But don't just take my word for it. As you might expect you can easily find a Christian warning on Ouija board dangers but eminent psychologists, doctors and even Spiritualists all agree that Ouija boards are dangerous to participants.
However, it seems to be a common misapprehension that one actually has to be using the board to be adversely affected by one. I can tell you, from my own experience that this is just not true.

My experience
Many years ago, I worked in a large office with a number of girls, one of whom had an interest in the 'paranormal'. She brought in a Ouija board and, every day at lunch-time, the girls would gather around it with their fingers on the pointer.
My desk was far away from the activity. However, one day as they 'played', there seemed to be a sort of 'pressure' building up. It eventually became unbearable to me and I left the office for a few minutes.
When I returned, the atmosphere had cleared and the 'game' had ceased. The girls were all gathered around an older woman who worked opposite where I sat and who had not been taking any part in the proceedings. She was unconscious having collapsed for no apparent reason. She was eventually brought around and could not explain what had happened to her.I think I can. I believe that the girls had contacted 'something', I will not even speculate as to what exactly. This entity needed energy for its activities and so it took it from the weakest person there, the old lady. The girls never played with the board again.So, if you are 'ghost hunting', and think it would a good idea to try and make contact by mechanical means then please bear in mind the warnings of so many knowlegeable people who normally totally disagree with one another. On the subject of Ouija board dangers, you will find many of them in total agreement.

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