Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Britain

Here you will find the second half of my selected Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Britain.
You can find here, the link to the first half.

Most Famous Ghost
Here was taken what must be the most famous ghost photo ever. You may be not know her by name, but you will most certainly have seen her picture. Raynham Hall, home to the 'Brown Lady'.

Most Royal Ghosts
There can be no other location in the world where there can be found the ghosts of no less than three monarchs. But such is the case with Windsor Castle which, incidentally is the offical residence of our present Queen.

Most Notorious Address
To those unfamiliar with British ghosts, the mention of the address is most likely to summon up pictures of nightingales sweetly singing. However, despite the fact that it now houses the offices of a respectable antiquarian booksellers, 50 Berkeley Square will forever be associated in our minds with madness, murder and unspeakable horror.

Most evil
The ghost itself is not bad. But the man who is now the ghost was a sadistic and evil monster who tortured to death thousands before he met his gruesome end. Here we have
Chillingham Castle home to the torturer and murderer of innocent babies, John Sage

Most Haunted Village
I started this list with the most haunted house. I finish with the most haunted village.
Most have their stories of one or two hauntings. However, here we have somewhere that has far more than its fair share. No less than twelve haunted sites. Even allowing for slight exaggeration, this makes Pluckley, the most haunted village in England.

And there you have it. Of course, these are just my selection of the Most Haunted Places in Britain and I am sure that you will have other ideas!

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