All About Ghosts

'I want to know all about ghosts', a friend said to me the other day.
When I questioned him as to exactly what he meant, it turned out that he had obviously given the matter a great deal of thought.

Ghost History
He said that for a start, he wanted to know, the History of ghosts. What did the word originally mean? When and where are ghosts first mentioned. He was also curious to know the first recorded account of a ghost in Britain. Has 'ghastly' phenomena developed over the centuries or has the phenomena always been the same.

Reality of Ghosts
Then, he asked, Are ghosts real? or are they all in the mind of the observer. Are they 'real' in that they occur in the same 'space and time' that we occupy or are they in a different dimension.

Ghost Types
He said that he was confused by the many different types of ghost he had heard about. Or were all the different words used for varieties of 'ghost' all describing the same thing.

What can ghosts be?
And finally, he said that he wanted to know exactly, What is a ghost?. Can religion explain them? Does science have an explanation for the observed phenomena. Is there just one cause or might there be several reasons for the appearance of a spectre? Is it ever possible to determine the cause of a particular haunting?

So, for my friend and, indeed for anyone else who may pondered these and other questions, you can discover the answers by clicking on the links on this page.

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