Gay Ghost


This is not the Gay Ghost of comic book fame. If you are looking for him then the Toonopedia entry is probably what you are look for.
No, these are genuine, 'queer ghosts', or at least they are to be found in various gay establishments

Regency Tavern, Brighton
This is said to be not only the oldest gay pub in Brighton but also one of the oldest pubs of any description in the town.
However, neither of the two spectres that can be found here is a gay ghost. The first is that of a young girl. The building once housed a cobblers shop. The cobbler had recently installed gas lighting and warned his daughter of the dangers of it. He seems to have made quite an impression on the child. For one evening, she being locked in her bedroom for some misdemeanour, thought she smelt gas. Unable to get out of the room by any other means, she jumped from the window to her death on the cobbles below. Her shadow has often been seen in the pub.
The second ghost is that of a tall, thin woman. who it is believed was once the landlady of the establishment. Her shade has been spotted gliding through the wall behind the bar.
Regency tavern website

King William VI, Hampstead
Another 'straight' ghost but in a 'gay' location! As London's oldest gay pub, it would be fitting if the King William VI was haunted by a gay phantom.
Alas, it is 'only' the spectre of a Mrs. Wyatt, who was killed by her husband and who's body was buried in the pub cellar. A recent visit to the pub by Derek Acorah allegedly uncovered all sorts of information about the cause of the haunting
King William VI website

Queens Theatre, London
Elsewhere on this site, you can find details of this theatrical gay ghost who haunts the aptly named Queen's Theatre in London.

Elephant and Castle, Amersham, Buckinghamshire
There is circumstantial evidence that this phantom could be gay. The figure of a woman dressed all in black who has been seen by members of the landlady's family walking through walls near the pub's kitchens. And it is her spectre who is blamed for the unseen presence which has been known to pinch the bottom of the barmaids who work in the pub.

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