Haunted Hotels in the UK

Here you will find some of the many haunted hotels in the UK. I have included establishments of all sizes. Everything from humble haunted inns to magnificent haunted castles.
All these places acknowledge that they do have ghosts so, if you want to stay in a haunted room, ask!

Golden Fleece, York
The Golden Fleece is actually a pub. However they have four rooms for guests which is why it is listed under Haunted Hotels. The proprietors actually admit to having no less than five ghosts. Different accounts of them make reference to different spectres. However, on one Golden Fleece ghost, all accounts agree. That of Lady Alice Peckett, wife of John Peckett who was landlord of the pub in 1702 and Lord Mayor of London.
One of the guest rooms, known as Lady Peckett's Room, seems to a favourite haunt of hers. However, she has also been seen by many guests as she walking up the staircase or gliding along the corridor. It is Lady Pechett who is 'blamed' for objects and furniture being moved. But it couldn't be her who activates the hand dryer in the gents lavatory of the bar in the dead of night, could it!

Mermaid Hotel, Rye, Sussex
There are ghosts to be found in four haunted hotels rooms of the hotel according to the owners. One guest in the Elizabethan Chamber awoke to find a duel being fought with rapiers taking place around her. Both men were wearing doublet and hose. When one of the combatants apparently killed his opponent he then threw his lifeless body into a small secret chamber in the corner of the room.
For good measure, the Mermaid Hotel is also haunted by a Grey Lady, a servant girl who was 'done in' by her smuggler lover when she was indiscreet about his activities as well as assorted spectres who have been seen walking through walls and rearranging guests clothes.

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland
The very name, 'Chillingham', is enough to send shivers down your spine. Even if you don't know of its gruesome past or about the many ghosts and apparitions that have been observed in and around the castle for centuries.
Chillingham Castle website

Littlecote House, Berkshire
The the circumstances behind the appearance of the Littlecote House ghosts are rather unpleasant. However, the spectres that are seen around the house are not particularly scary. Probably a good thing really as the house is now a hotel.
Littlecote House website

Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

There can be few haunted hotels, the name of which was used as the title of a book. However, Daphne du Maurier used the inn in her best-selling novel of the same name.
The ghost is of an unknown man who, in the early years of the 20th century, was enjoying a pint at the bar when he was when someone called him outside. He went, leaving his unfinished drink on the bar. He never returned, at least not, 'in the flesh'. The next day, his corpse was found on the moors. Who killed him or why was as much a mystery as the man's identity. A ghost sailor can sometimes be seen sitting on the wall outside the inn. In 1911 not long after the murder it was reported in the press that he bore a strong likeness to the dead stranger.
There are other ghosts. A couple staying overnight had been put in a haunted hotel room. As they prepared for bed, they saw a man wearing a long cloak and a tricorn hat. He walked across the room and disappeared through the wardrobe.
Several landlords have also reported the sound of mysterious footsteps walking along the passageway that leads to the bar.
Jamaica Inn website

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