Haunted London

Haunted London most definitely is. Why there should be so many ghosts is anyone's guess. The metropolis certainly has a very long and bloody history. It also has the highest population of any city in the UK so it could be that there are more people to experience ghosts. Or perhaps more people to become ghosts! But whatever the reason, London has more than its fair share of wraiths.

Haunted Pubs
And what better place to start your search for them than sitting comfortably, with a glass of your favourite tipple in front of you, in one of the many local Haunted Central London Pubs Slightly further afield, there are some very nice Outer London Haunted Pubs as well.
Solemn monks, smiling Cavaliers, a tailless dog and a famous Judge, you can find them all here

Haunted Churches
It would appear that strong emotion can play a part in the creation of certain ghosts. This might be a reason that so many places of worship are haunted. But why should there be such a large number of haunted churches in London?

Haunted Theatres
Many sensitive people find a visit to a theatre a most uncomfortable experience. The emotions experienced by those watching the plays do not disappear when the lights go up. They seem, in a way, to linger and maybe that is the reason that in there is no shortage of Haunted Theatres in London.

The Highgate Vampire
Suburban London is not normally associated with the blood-sucking undead. We normally expect to find them and their kind in places like Transylvania. However, in the 1960's and 70's, the Highgate Vampire caused quite a sensation. It was even responsible for several high-profile court cases.

The Enfield Poltergeist
The Enfield Poltergeist has become world famous thanks, in no small way, to the recordings of 'the voice' and pictures of the girls 'flying' that Maurice Grosse, the investigator from the Society for Psychical Research, obtained.
Here you can read the disturbing details of the case.

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