Outer London Haunted Pubs

There are still many Outer London haunted pubs to be found despite the number of taverns that have been closed in the last few years. However, if you are thinking of visiting any of these then perhaps now would be a good time to do so as you may not be able to for much longer.

Bow Bells, 116 Bow Road, London, E3 3AA
This haunted pub must be unique as it is the only one I know where it is the ladies who are most likely to encounter the main spirit. For the ladies toilets have an alarming way of flushing by themselves when someone is sitting on them. However, the Bow Bell's other ghost can be experienced by anyone as it appears as a mist that rises for the floor of the bar.

Flask, 77 Highgate West Hill, London, N6 6BU
Built in the 18th century and one time 'local' of William Hogarth, the Flask is haunted by a phantom woman. No-one knows who she is although some say she is a former pub worker who killed herself and others that she is in some way connected with the bullet that is embedded in the wall of the 'snug bar'. Whatever her origin, she is rarely seen but makes her presence known by the temperature suddenly dropping, the ceiling lights swaying for no apparent reason, glasses being moved by invisible hands and the feeling of a gentle breath on the back of the neck.

George Inn, 77 Borough High Street, SE1 1NH
A very famous and historical London haunted pub, the George Inn is the last galleried coaching inn in London. It was built in 1667 and is reputedly haunted by the shadowy figure of a woman who is said to be a previous landlady. She appears not to like modern electronics and the pub continually has problems with tills malfunctioning and security cameras which pick up inexplicable images.

Old Queens Head, 44 Essex Road, London, N1 8LN
A woman and a small weeping girl in Tudor clothes are seen in the Old Queen's Head pub. Doors open and close for no apparent reason and running footsteps are heard in the passageways.

Rising Sun, 38 Cloth Fair, London, EC1A 7JQ
Several pub workers who 'lived in' have been woken by the feeling that something was sitting on the end of the bed. Occasionally they would feel the bedclothes slowly being pulled off. Footsteps have also been heard running across the floor of the upstairs bar when it has been empty. And most frightening of all, a former landlady of the Rising Sun, was having a shower when she heard 'someone' enter the bathroom. The shower curtain was then slowly pulled aside and she felt an icy hand run down her back.

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath, NW3 7JJ
This haunted pub is named after two former Spanish landlords who fought a duel over a woman. It is said that one of the men was killed and is buried in the garden and that his ghost haunts pub.
Dick Turpin is reputed to be the shadowy figure that is often seen in the road outside the Spaniards Inn pub. A lady in white haunts the garden and an invisible someone or something plucks at patron's clothes

Trafagar Tavern pub sign

Trafalgar Tavern, 6 Park Road, London, SE10 9NW
This London haunted pub was built in 1837 on the site of a previous hostelry that stood on the site called The George. And the haunting seems to have originated with that pub. A man has often been seen, dressed in Georgian clothes and drinking a pint of beer. He sits either at the Trafalgar Tavern bar or at the piano. When he has finished his pint, he gets up and leaves through the fireplace which is where a door was once located.

Town of Ramsgate Pub, Wapping, E1W 2PN
The pub claims to be the the oldest on the Thames and once known as the Red Cow. It has been suggested this was in honour of a barmaid with flaming red hair who worked there many years ago. The present name, Town of Ramsgate, comes from the home town of the fishermen who, many years ago, would bring their catch up the Thames to Wapping Old Steps just outside the pub to sell at the markets. And it is on these steps that the ghost of 'Hanging Judge Jeffreys' has been spotted by police. He is just one of several River Thames ghosts.

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