Chislehurst Caves

There are literally thousands of real haunted places across the British Isles. Wherever there are people, you will probably find an account of a phantom by at least one reputable witness. However, the places listed here certainly seem to have more than their fair share of wraiths.

Chislehurst Caves, Kent
The caves stretch some 20 miles and are entirely man-made. Some of the oldest parts date back 8,000 years. They were excavated by prehistoric man in order to extract the chalk and flint. During World War II, the caves were used as both an air-raid shelter and an underground hospital. Now they are often used as a location for horror and science-fiction films.

The Chislehurst Caves ghost is a lady in white who is sometimes seen 'floating' across the water of the caves Haunted Pool. There is a tradition that she must have been murdered there by her husband. However, there does not appear to be any tangible evidence that this is the reason for her appearance.

There used to be a challenge that anyone who spent a whole night in the caves would win £5, quite a sum of money in those days. One man did succeed. However, in 1986 two cave guides attempted the challenge and one of them had to be hospitalised after having what appeared to be an epileptic fit. This was odd as he had never had a fit before. And from that date, the challenge was withdrawn.

A section of the caves can be visited. But visitors are only allowed to enter in small groups accompanied by a guide.

Pluckley, Kent
Screaming Woods and Fright Corner might sound like the titles some tacky horror movies. However, these are real haunted places details of which can be found in Pluckley, the Most Haunted Village in England.

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