Man in Grey

The spectre known as the, 'Man in Grey', must be one of the most popular and famous hauntings associated with any theatre, anywhere. In this case, the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, is home (if a ghost can be said to have a home) to the spectre.

He has been observed many times but he is invariably a daytime ghost and usually is not seen at night. It seems that he likes to watch the rehearsals. The appearance of this particular Theatre Royal ghost, is cause for celebration as it invariably signifies that the play will be a huge success. He was seen during rehearsals for Oklahoma!, South Pacific, Carousel and The King and I.

The ghost is well dressed in the style of an 18th century nobleman. He has powdered hair, a three-cornered hat and a dress jacket. Over his shoulders he wears a grey cape, from which the spectre gets its name.

In 1848, as work was being carried out on the theatre, a skeleton was found with a knife between the ribs in a walled up and forgotten passage. So perhaps the spectre has a connection with the skeleton.

Details of other ghosts associated with this most haunted theatre can be found on the most haunted theatre page.

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