Mauthe Doog of Peel Castle

Peel Castle is now a quiet hotel but was once haunted by the 'Mauthe Doog' as the Manx called it, or 'black dog' to you and me. It appeared as a large, black spaniel with shaggy, curly hair. Although it could be seen anywhere, the Peel Castle ghost's favourite spot was by the fire in the guards room. The guards were so used to it that they accepted its presence as long as they were not alone with it. However, they believed that it was an evil spirit waiting to catch them out so they refrained from blasphemy and swearing around it.

The guard on duty had to lock the castle and deliver the keys to the captain. The way to his rooms was through a passage that went from the guard room through the chapel. As this was where the dog appeared from every evening, it was assumed that this was the dog's lair. No guard would walk through the passageway alone but took someone with him.

Ghost challenged
However, as was inevitable, one guard, being drunk laughed at his friend's fears and said that he was happy to deliver the keys unaccompanied. He said that he would be happy for the Black Dog to follow him because then he would prove once and for all whether it was a dog or a demon.
He went into the passage from where was heard a terrible noise that continued for some time. At last, the foolhardy guard returned looking terrified and very pale. He was unable to answer by word or gesture any of the questions the other guards put to him. In fact, he did not say another word from that time until he died three days later in terrible agony.
The passageway was blocked up and another entrance made and that seems to have laid the Mauthe Doog to rest.
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