Ghost Hauntings

Here are the links to the three pages listing all the ghost hauntings to be found on this site.

First is the, Ghost Directory. In this directory can be found a list of the names of every person, in alphabetic order, the details of whom is on this site and who it is assumed is the originator of reported ghost

Then there is a list of the places where a ghost has reportedly been seen, can be found in the Haunted Places Directory.

But, if you would prefer to look for details of phantoms that can be found in a specific area then check out the English Ghosts.

However, don't just assume that because a haunted site appears here that it is open to the public.
In case of any doubt, always check before visiting.

Hopefully, the 'Ghost Directory', the 'Haunted Places Directory' and the 'English Ghosts' pages will, between them, make your search for a specific ghost easier.

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